As missionaries, we add our voices to those prophets who have declared the message of salvation as with a "trump of God", or as "one speaking out of the dust", to help bring souls unto Christ. May their voices continue to echo through the ages, declaring the gospel, "till it has sounded in every ear, till the purposes of God shall be accomplished, and the Great Jehovah shall say the work is done".

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Party - 18 December 2013

T'was the night before Christmas, and all through the West,
Everyone was excited to Skype those they love best.
Elder Ririe's Red Jacket was hung up with care,
In hopes an AP Call would soon be there.
The Greenies were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of Baptisms danced in their heads.
Sis. Ahlander in her PJ's, President Ahlander in his Cap,
They settled down in the mission home for a much needed nap.

When out at the office, there arose such a clatter,
The Highland Hills Zone awoke to see what was the matter.
Away to the door, Barton flew like a flash,
Bruce opened the window, and threw up the sash.
Highland Hills soon realized that they were not alone,
Down Craig road came the Lone Mountain Zone.
With Tanner in front, and Elder George near,
Elders Matthews and Jacobsen bringing up the rear.

By this time the news of the clatter had spread,
Every Elder and Sister were out of their beds.
Mesquite being far, they did drive with much speed
With Herlin and Seljestad's van in the lead.
Spring Mountain arrived; they made their presence known,
Elder Chapman would have been there, but he couldn't find the phone.
Elkhorn ran their way over, for they saw a glimmer,
Hunsaker led the pack (He's been looking much slimmer).
A yell from Elder Lahti, who's in Tule Springs,
Quieted the crowd, "I think I heard bells ring!"

Sister Mataele said, "Do you see that, up in the sky?"
Elder Diaz remarked, "I guess Reindeer can fly....."
Elder West said, "EH! Do you see a man all in red?
He's got reigns in his hands, and a hat on his head!"
President Ahlander then arrived, and got the zones all in line---
"Come Bonanza, and Lakes, and Redrock, and Sandstone!
South, and Meadows...oh wait....now Sandstone's Las Vegas Zone...”
He did what worked best, and the zones assembled,
In the cold even Utah-boys began to tremble.

The sleigh made its approach, led by 9 big reindeer,
Elder Hunt then called out, "Wait! You can't park here!"
Yet the sleigh landed on down, the driver gave a great chuckle,
He stepped out in black boots, a black belt, and belt-buckle.
He was dressed all in red, and his cheeks were red too,
"Ho, Ho, Ho!" he said, "Nice to meet all of you!
I've heard all about your work, with the Gentile and Jew!"
Elder Golden was confused, Elder Aldridge let out a laugh,
Sisters Pulsipher and Hoffman took 2 GREAT steps back.

"Is this really St. Nick?" Elder Titus asked Elder Woody,
Elder Bloomfield replied, "Maaaaan, if it is...I want a new hoodie!"
St. Nick asked the crowd, in a loud voice,
"What would you want, if you had a choice?"
"New Shoes!" shouted Tews, "A new car!” said Elder Gonzales,
"How 'bout work all year round, in fact...for all of us!"

Now with this response, Santa hushed up the crowd,
"I'll tell you what," He said, loud and proud,
"Let me share a little wisdom, a reminder of sorts,
In this test called "The Mission", "you shoulda worn shorts!"
It's hard work, yes it's true, and that's God's great gift.
He's teaching you patience, how he works, how to be swift.

In all that you do, you're learning about him.
Imagine it as a workout, in God's figurative Gold's Gym.
You're stretching, you’re stressed, and people aren't always nice,
But when your time's up, you're a pearl of great price.
My gifts that I give need batteries, and parts,
But the gifts that you give, they come from your hearts.
Your time here is precious, and your testimony is too,
And when you tell a stranger the Blue Book, ‘Yes, it's true’
God thanks you and smiles, and that's no joke.
At least...that's what he told me, the last time we spoke."

The air was thick, some eyes were teary,
No one knew what to say, he'd spoken so clearly.
So he got back in his sleigh, and it started off with a kick,
(Did they just get a training from Dear ole' St. Nick?)
As the reindeer climbed up, and up, and away,
All the Elders and Sisters think they heard Santa say:

"It's Christmas tomorrow, but we get gifts every day!
An appointment, a paid-for lunch, just knowing exactly what to say!
Look up to the heavens, and thank your Heavenly Dad,
Just work hard, you'll reunite, and both of you will be glad,
That you gave it your all, and your all's what it took.
In the city of Sin, Satan's will, you shook.
You may not get medals, awards, or a pair of new kicks,
But your name will be had for good, and that is what sticks.
Away from the Strip, in the West, you are the light,
So Merry Christmas to all, and to all, a Good night!

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  1. It is so wonderful to scan through all these great pictures and see a picture of your son grinning from ear to ear. It sure does this mom's heart good.