As missionaries, we add our voices to those prophets who have declared the message of salvation as with a "trump of God", or as "one speaking out of the dust", to help bring souls unto Christ. May their voices continue to echo through the ages, declaring the gospel, "till it has sounded in every ear, till the purposes of God shall be accomplished, and the Great Jehovah shall say the work is done".


President and Sister Ahlander

President Michael Brown Ahlander, 62, and Sister Rebecca Maxwell Ahlander, three children, Orchard 6th Ward, Orem Utah Orchard Stake. Brother Ahlander served as a stake Young Men president and former stake president, bishop, high councilor, branch president at the Provo MTC, and missionary in the Norway Oslo Mission. Owner, Ahlander Hardware Company and Agent, Smith Insurance Services. Born in Provo, Utah, to Joseph Frederick and Anna Elaine Brown Ahlander.
Sister Mohler serves as secretary to the mission as also the mission president. She helps to coordinate the arrival and departure of missionaries. She handles the phone system and also does all other things which keep the office running well.

Elder Mohler Takes care of all the Finances in the office. He helps the others in the office pay for things they need to help the mission run smoother. He handles all bills that come into the mission office as well as ensures each missionary receives their monthly allotment.
Elder Egbert serves as housing coordinator of the mission. He helps maintain the living quarters and makes each living situation comfortable for missionaries.
Sister Egbert Coordinates the leases and keeps the computer housing records.
Sister Shurtz serves as referral secretary. She ensures that referrals received through online sources are sent to missionaries and also that the missionaries follow-up promptly with those referrals. She also handles baptism records which come from the missionaries. She makes record of them and sends the information onto church headquarters.

Elder Shurtz serves as vehicle coordinator for the mission. He ensures that each vehicle is in working order and that they are free of damage or issues. He keeps track of the mileage on each vehicle, gas expenses, repairs, maintenance, and regular inspections. He also helps the mission by dispersing mail to our missionaries.
Elder and Sister Porter Help the Egberts coordinate house inspections. they Help all the missionaries make sure that the apartments and houses are kept clean and organized.
Elder and Sister Forred Make sure that all of the missionaries are healthy. When someone gets sick or hurt they make sure to send them to the right place to get them all better and fixed up.